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Full Synthetic Oil Change

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Where to get synthetic oil change service in West Los Angeles?

If you need an oil change in west Los Angeles, Master Oil and More, provides the purest synthetic oil made by Total. Their full synthetic motor oils are available in 5w20, 5w30, 0w20 and 5w40. Every oil change includes: new oil filter and 18 point car inspection. The process takes about 30-45 minutes. There is a customer lounge with free coffee, soda and wifi.

Benefits of Synthetic Oil Change

Remember what your father said, clean your room, but how ’bout your car’s engine? All engines generate contaminants but a cleaner engine is much better than a dirty one. A clean engine means cleaner pistons, better fuel economy, horsepower protection, engine life, and extreme temperature performance.

It’s a tall order to have a clean engine but thank god for motor oil. Motor oils job is to clean the dirt and deposits your engine generates. Synthetic motor oil is engineered to do that better than conventional engine oil. Synthetic or synthetic blend is built in a lab by scientists. Chemically engineered molecules in synthetic have more uniform properties while molecules found in conventional base oil differ in shape and levels of purity. Thanks to science and innovation, we have synthetic motor oil!  

The Benefits of Synthetic vs. Conventional Motor Oil Change

- Fewer emissions

- Better fuel and oil economy

- Increased engine protection from less friction

- Quicker engine start time

- Oil effectiveness/quality is more predictable and uniform

- Better heat tolerance of engine running with high temperatures

70% of new cars use synthetic motor oil to help maintain performance

Especially if you have a newer car synthetic is better for your cars engine protection and performance. In fact, 70% of modern cars come from the factory w/ synthetic motor oil. AAA study finds Synthetic outperforms conventional.

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