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No Contact Service

We are pleased to be able to offer No Contact Services to our customers during this difficult time.

- Please use our online booking system, or call us at 424-293-8754 to make your appointment, or drive up during our business hours. 

- Upon your arrival , please park your vehicle in front of the Master Oil and More garage (but do not pull your vehicle in). Please roll down your vehicle's windows, leave the keys inside the vehicle and exit the vehicle. Our technician, wearing protective gloves and mask, will take your contact info, place disposable protective coverings in your vehicle, and bring it into the garage. (Please note: We are unable to have customers in our lobby at this time.

- Once we've brought your vehicle in and made note of the VIN number, we will call you with price for your requested service. We will ONLY begin work on your vehicle once we have received your verbal confirmation over the phone. 

- Once the service on your vehicle is completed, we will call you to let you know, and to take your payment information. 

- And finally, we will park your vehicle in our lot for you to come pick up. 

Master Oil and More reserves the right to refuse service to anyone choosing not to follow the city's guidelines in regards to COVID-19. Safety is always our first priority. 

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